That special relationship between a pet parent and their pets defies explanation. When a pet dies, a trusting companion is lost. It is during this time of grief that pet owners, like you, are called upon to make final arrangements to honor the life you shared. You want the peace of mind in knowing that your pets care is being entrusted to a service that will give them the dignity and respect that you gave them in life.

Veterinarians, animal shelters, and humane societies throughout Northern & Central California have chosen Koefran to provide these services. For over 40 years Koefran has been the caring choice.

The loss of a beloved pet is difficult and emotional. For many families, knowing that they have taken the time to make these plans beforehand, has removed the anxiety of not knowing what to expect when this difficult time occurs. As a caring part of Koefran’s service, families can download this Guide to Planning Ahead to make sure that the final gift of love is exactly as each family wants it to be to celebrate the unique relationship with their pet. Click here to download this valuable resource.

Download the Guide to Planning Ahead →

Thank you for caring for my boy —Hailey. The card was very nice and the Rainbow Bridge Poem gives me some comfort but as many times I read it, I still cry. The cedar box is beautiful.
— Rhonda