Equine Cremation 

There is nothing quite like the bond between a horse and its owner. Koefran understands this unique relationship and will honor that bond with the utmost care and compassion. We believe pets are an extension of the family and, with that in consideration, we provide sensitive equine memorial services.

Private Cremation

A private cremation gives you the peace of mind that the cremated remains you receive back will be of only your special friend. Our caring services will begin with the removal and transportation of your horse to our facilities. Your horse’s body, in its entirety, will be placed respectfully in the cremation chamber. Private cremation services include a pine wood urn and a memorial card.


Many horse lovers choose to keep a memento of their special companion as a positive reminder of the love they shared. We offer jewelry and keepsake urns, as well as custom mementos—including a photo blanket and a custom print of your horse’s hoof.

Equine Keepsake

Crafted of resin with a bronze additive & hand finished with bronze patina. Felted bottom; 2" security plug. Plaque may be purchased separately. This urn can serve as a keepsake or be mounted on our pine urn as it holds a little over one cup of cremains.

Your Pet's Actual Hoof Print Pendant

The process is approximately 5 - 6 weeks. Take an ink print of your pet's nose or paw. This pendant does NOT hold cremains. The standard charm comes in 14k Yellow Gold, 14k White Gold, or 9.25 Sterling Silver and includes two lines of engraving with up to 10 characters & spaces per line. An optional third line of engraving may be purchased-call for fee.

Woven Photo Blanket

Memorialize your pet with a 100% soft cotton woven tribute blanket measuring 70” x 54.”

Pet Paw Prints®

An imprint of your pet's actual paw is taken in clay and our artisan twice fires it in a kiln to create a beautiful heirloom quality keepsake (stand included).